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A Refutation of Hereditary Total Depravity by Aylett Raines

Basic Bible Truths: Laying a Foundation for a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth and Service by Andy Sochor

Bringing Up Children in the Lord by Andy Sochor

Civil Government: Its Origin, Mission, and Destiny, and the Christian’s Relation to It by David Lipscomb

Civil Government: What the Bible Says About Its Origin, History, Nature, and Role by Andy Sochor, with contributions by Tim Haile

Daily Notes & Observations by Andy Sochor

Do It Yourself Sermon Outlines by Andy Sochor

Early History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve by Amos S. Hayden

How to Study the Bible by Michael J. Davis

Making Wise Investments: How to Gain an Everlasting Reward by Andy Sochor

Men of Yesterday: A Series of Character Sketches of Prominent Men Among the Disciples of Christ by Thomas W. Grafton

My Son, Hear My Words: Notes on Proverbs by Andy Sochor

Now Concerning the Collection: A Study of Giving by Andy Sochor

Paul’s Epistle to the Romans: An Exegetical and Analytical Commentary by Isaiah Boone Grubbs

Plain Bible Study Guides (listed in alphabetical order)

Plain Bible Teaching: The First Ten Years by Andy Sochor

Plain Sermons: A Volume of Twenty Discourses Offered to the Reader by Daniel Sommer

Sermon on the Mount: Instructions for Life by Andy Sochor

Success at Bible Teaching by Sam Binkley, Jr. and Martin M. Broadwell

Take Courage: Eight Lessons from Men of Faith by Andy Sochor

COMING SOON: The Gospel Restored by Walter Scott

The Great Conspiracy: How Satan and His Ministers Are Corrupting God’s Plan to Save by Andy Sochor

The Importance of Faith by Andy Sochor

The Plan of Salvation by John H. Hundley

The Psalm of the Word by Andy Sochor

The Real Pharisees by Andy Sochor

The Reformation For Which We Are Pleading: A Collection of Articles by Moses E. Lard

The Root of the Problem: Why We Sin & How We Can Overcome by Andy Sochor

The Simple Truth Workbook by Aaron Erhardt

To Sum the Whole Thing Up: A Collection of Writings by J. C. Roady

Vanity of Vanities: Notes on Ecclesiastes by Andy Sochor

Was Jesus a Liberal? by Andy Sochor

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